The original essay appeared in 1996, and lo -- it kind of sucked.

Then the domain was bought, the essay rewritten, some time spent in the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute archives, and things ceased sucking quite so much.

Others also assisted with their own translations and archive time. And that was really cool of them.

The work was presented unto the Internet, and all was good.

Then people started copying the Work without permission or attribution. Which was a new and strange kind of suckiness, but oddly flattering (in a licentious sort of way).

One day, there was a redesign. And all was minty. Yea.

Finally, the site was passed gently into capable hands, as the original owner could no longer sustain the site. And this was cause for melancholy, but not too much, for all things must eventually pass.

Once again, the site roams into new, very capable hands.

And here we are today. Enjoy.

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