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about the modern worship of Bast
Please see the Modern Worship FAQ.

about Egyptian gods and goddesses
If you are looking for information on the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, try's glossary as well as the Encyclopedia Mythica. Wikipedia is not recommended at this time. You may also wish to acquire a copy of George Hart's Encyclopedia of Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

rituals of Bast/ancient Egypt
Rituals are not provided for the following reasons: a) there are no authentic rituals of Bast in existence (see the essay for more information) and b) the ones known to the owner of this website are only pertinent to those who follow the Kemetic Orthodox faith.

use of content/images
If you are quoting large portions of the material, please consider linking to the site instead as content does update from time to time.

Unless otherwise specified, images on this site are available under Creative Commons license. All we require is that you source the image appropriately (i.e., give credit where credit is due) and link back to the site. Oh, and don't hotlink. That's just rude.

reference for report
If you want to use the site as a reference in a report for school, click here for the proper syntax.

more information on Bast
If you are writing for more information on Bast, please first make sure you've read the essay. We often get people writing who want to know about Bast and who ask questions that the essay already answers.

offerings and pet prayers
Please see the Modern Worship FAQ.

another site says the opposite, it says....
a tour guide in Egypt/Chicago/Albuquerque said....
Remember: your best tool is your mind. There are a lot of people on the Internet who want to tell you all about their "wisdom" on ancient Egypt (or any subject, for that matter).

There is nothing wrong with this when they present it as their experience and their opinion. There is a lot wrong when they try to pass it off as fact. If they can't cite sources, if you can't trace the line back to real, hard evidence, you need to rethink your source.

Tour guides are not paid to be historians. They're paid to entertain you and to drop anecdotes that keep you from falling asleep on the tour. As an American, I've heard tour guides tell me things like "bats are the only mammals that lay eggs" (er...what?) and that the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats (sigh -- see essay).

Always ask for sources. Always question. The truth really is out there. You just need to be curious and make like an archaeologist -- dig.

just want to say thanks!
You're very welcome, and we appreciate your reading the essay and finding it useful. :)

who is
The original writer of the Bast essay was S.D. Cass. Cass has since moved on, but didn't want to see the essay go away, so she gave the site to a friend of hers, who she knows will take great care of it.


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