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separation of fact and spirituality
Though the essays here were originally written by a Kemetic Orthodox priest, attempts were made to keep the spiritual bent separate from historical fact. If you want to know more about Kemetic Orthodoxy, please visit its website at, where you can find links to people who can answer your questions.

will you pray for my pet?
Losing an animal, or the helplessness that closes in on all of us as a beloved pet becomes ill, can be heart-rending. We reach out for someone -- anyone -- to help.

We understand. We share that pain with you. We may not answer emails of this nature, but we pray when asked.

But please understand that you know your pet and its needs far better than some writer of a website essay. You don't need a special lifeline to pray to Bast. All you need is an open heart and honest words.

what do I offer Bast?
These modern times have made many things accessible to us that were not to the Egyptians of antiquity. In these days of convenience shopping, suggestions of offerings Bast enjoys are: whole meats, chocolate, limes, or perfumes. Organic produce and meats are preferred because they are more likely to be "pure" (minimally processed, without pesticides or growth hormones). Barring that, cool water is the traditional go-to offering of all Kemetic Orthodox.

But none of it matters without deep sincerity and appreciation for life. Remember the parable of the widow's mite. The sentiment remains true no matter what religion you follow. And never waste an offering. Once it is made, it must always be used. Yes, Virginia, you should offer your chocolate and eat it, too (or give it to someone who will).

how does one become Kemetic Orthodox?
If you are interested in knowing more about Kemetic Orthodoxy -- which includes in its worship Bast as well as all the other ancient Egyptian deities -- please visit the website of the faith at There are regular indoctrination classes given online. The physical temple is located in Joliet, Illinois (just south of Chicago).

I'm Wiccan/pagan/earth-based religion, can you help?
Sorry. The owners of this site don't consider themselves to be part of that particular religious movement. However, we can recommend the site as a starting point, and we wish you the best of luck.

but this other site/tour guide said....
See the contacts page for a short opinion on the veracity of the tour guide/other sites.

how can I contact you?
Please see the contacts page.


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